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                              'ABOUT US'

   We have raised Registered English Shepherds & pups since 1991, so we have experience & knowledge but still learning about the breed. 

   We have a Penna. State Dog Kennel license with the USDA inspection unannounced.

   Both David & Theresa were born/raised on the same working diary farm which we still live & work on at this time with all sorts of jobs/activities, so we are well aware what we want from our E. S.'s.

   We are not a puppy mill, do not produce mass litters constantly.  We give our pups individual attention, evaluate them as they are growing, house train, provide good nutrition, correct a bad habit, if any, encourage good habits & spoil them with affection.

   When our E. S.'s retire from the breeding program they stay here on our farm in their golden years, many lived to be 15 - 16 yrs. old with plenty of TLC helps us all along.

   Our breeding program priorities looking for certain traits in 'THIS E. S.' breed - 'Temperament, Health, Intelligence, Stable'; consist of only a few old fashion bloodlines that is now established in our own line.  Making all our pups in one litter to have an even well balanced personality & working ability as calm, obedient, good temperament around humans, chickens & other animals.  This makes puppy buyers hard to choose a puppy.

   Even if the E. S. goes to a farm 98 % they still are a pet/companion.  We always encourage pup buyers to visit us & our kennel.

                                MADE IN U. S. A.

Three generations of our own English Shepherd breeding.  Photo taken in the summer of 2012:  left to right:  Freckles; Nik-Kee (daughter) & Tiz-Zee (granddaughter)
      Freckles is now resting in  peace                      4-17-98  to  8-27-12          

Copyright David Kaschak
3 Generation (Theresa) Freckles, Nik-Kee, Tiz-Zee

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Hol-Lee & Chisum 2019

Sal-Lee & Brandee 2019

Kaschak's Mol-Lee & Kaschak's Yappy 2017

Photo Page/Tiz-Zee & Yappy & Pups 2016

Brown-Nee pups Born March 20, 2013
First Day of SPRING

Photo Page / Toot-Zee 2014

Photo Page/Brown-Nee & Pups 2013

Photo Page / Tiz-Zee & pups 2013

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Mya 2012
Copyright Dana
Mya 2012
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Mya 2012

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Can-Dee & pups
Copyright David Kaschak
Can-Dees' Pups




Brown Nee Pups Born 4/27/09

Cpoyright David Kaschak
Born April 27, 2009

Hic-Cup Pups Born 4/15/09

Copyright David Kaschak
Born April 15, 2009
Copyright David Kaschak
Born April 15, 2009

Thank you for visiting the T & D Kaschak Kennels home page.  We are located in Waterford Pennsylvania, just a couple miles south of Erie Pa.  Please take a look at our webpage and take a look at our new litter of pups.  They are quite a treat.

The goal in our breeding program of English Shepherds is to preserve the "All Purpose Dog" as they were always known .  Our English Shepherds have constant handling and attention. We are established breeders since 1991 and experienced shippers. Pups are placed in approved homes only.  Pups sold are involved in S.A.R.; agility; pet therapy, pet - companion and working farms.
Adults hips evaluated & Double-registered-I.E.R.S. & U.K.C.; pups are wormed with updated vaccines, dew-claws removed, vet health certificate and includes a contract.

  • One Litter Born April 15,2009
  • One Litter Born April 27,2009


Sold 9/13/09  Born 3/22/08  Dark S/W female

Copyright David Kaschak

Very calm; obedient; comes; sits; then shakes hands; house trained; very good around children; likes to be petted/hugged.  All vaccines updated including rabies vaccine; comes with a vet health certificate.

Copyright David Kaschak
Buffy Sold 9/13/09

Copy Right by David Kaschak
Since 1991

Copy Right by David Kaschak
Theresa & Smokee - June 15, 2006 Smokee with his winnings in UKC TOP TEN Conformation for 2005

Photo on sign is first E.S. we purchased in 1978

Photo courtesy of Hal Davis


Theresa & Smokee in UKC Conformation                               
  'Best of Show' competition - 9/24/06

Copyright of David Kaschak
Some English Shepherds at the 2006 UKC Premier

Copyright of David Kaschak
Theresa congratulating Smokee on his 2006 winnings at UKC Premier for 2005 TOP TEN Conformation

Copyright of Margie
Carrie and her E.S. Gracie (Sire: Dust-Dee; Dam: Hic-Cup
Copyright of Margie

Photo Copyright by Owner Ronald
Bosley & Charlie Sire: Dust-Dee Dam: Freckles

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